Mult curaj MARINA!


Marina Voicu este o „fetita” plina de viata si ambitioasa cat 10 alte fete la un loc.
Vrea sa ajunga departe si sunt sigur ca asa va fi!
Deja a plecat singura cu bursa la propriu departe de tara numai ca dupa ce ca situatia ei nu era una tocmai ok, acum are o alta problema cu mult mai mare la care nici macar eu nu mai stiu ce sa ii spun.
Tot ce pot sa fac este postez aici povestea ei:

Pray for my mother

19 IUN 2012 – 21:26:10

Hello everyone. My name is Marina Voicu, 23 years, I am a
student from Korean-English section in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and now I am an
exchange student in Vienna. I am not writing here to ask you money or anything
material. I would like to ask you to pray for my mother, who is in the hospital
in Bucharest, Romania. I know I am not the best friend or the perfect
classmate, or I might be someone you just heard about or not, but in this
moment I would appreciate those who have a heart and love their mother, if you
have time or would like to pray for my mother also. Her disease is something
that cannot be fixed. Is called polycystic kidney (is like a cancer for kidney). If you google it
you will find out that this disease will reapear in a few months on a new
kidney so I don’t ask for anything material since she cannot be operated.

She had the first surgery at 21 years, and with almost 13 before now, the second
one. In a few words, she didn’t had any kidney for almost 13 years (this years)
and she went 3 times/ week at the hospital for dialysis to take out her
liquid. Because of this, her other organs (including her heart) started to get
weaker and weaker. 

On Friday I came back to the dormitory, after a long day, and I’ve fpund out about
my mother’s first heart attack (in these 13 years!). You can
imagine that I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep at all. The doctors tried
for 40 minutes to bring her back to life and they succeded. But because she was
for so long she had some pains in the chest and other problems. Her body got
weak. After that, everybosy told me that she is fine but I still felt a hole
inside and I kept being worried. Today I’ve found out that yesterday had the
second heart attack (in 4 days). For those who study medicine, they understand
exactly how things are going. Now I am scared that she can have another and she
can die this time. That’s why I am asking you this.

She is a wonderful mother who sacrificed herself for letting me study what I want,
even now she doesn’t want us (me and my smaller sister who works in Indonesia)
to know about her real situation because she loves us too much to make us

She is that kind of mother who doesn’t need anything but gives everything to the
others. Those who had met her before know already how is she. Strong woman with
a kind heart. So, I’m begging you to help me with a praier for her because her
case is really rare and the situation doesn’t seem to good. I know I should
just be greatful because I had her all these 13 years when not even the doctor
didn’t gave her any chance at the beginning, but is it a bad thing to wish to
have her more? I am just 23, I am not even married. And now, while I am writing
this post, my tears are falling down because I know I cannot do anything else
for her than praying and praying again. I’m not good at talking about feelings,
but if I should explain how I feel is like trying to breath under the water or
in a plastic bag (for a longer time). There is no expression for this feeling
actually. If you  still don’t understand
the feeling, is easier to think that your own mother is in this case. You can
understand but you never can know exactly how I feel unless you’ve been trough
this. I am not the person who does these things, but in this case is really
necessairly because only a miracle from God can help my mother.

I hope you will excuse me because I dared to ask you this. I really love my 
mother and at least this is what I can do for her.
God bless everybody and all the mothers in this world.

Am postat la mine pe blog acest mesaj in primul rand, din respect, din prietenie si tocmai pentru ca este un caz exceptional.
De data aceasta e o situatie peste puterile mele de rezolvare. E cam tot ce pot sa fac!

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